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Commercial sewer & water projects of all sizes have three things in common: They need to be completed on time, on budget, and with quality workmanship.

Completed Projects

We have completed many different projects over the years in the commercial sewer and water municipal infrastructure Industry.


Our safety coordinator and safety administrator work to ensure that all members of our team are engaged in ongoing safety training and to verify that our practices and procedures are up-to-date and above code.

“Our Mission is to be the underground Contractor of Choice to our customers and be the Employer of Choice to our employees.”
– Roger Krahn, VP

The construction industry is filled with companies claiming to be the fastest, the best reputed, the most trusted. Yet few companies actually succeed in completing jobs as promised. At CKB Construction, we have something different in mind for our company: We are committed to quality. This means that, when we take on a job, we devote our resources to ensuring that the project is completed to meet our high standards of quality and to satisfy the expectations of the customer—-with accuracy, within budget, and by the deadline.

CKB Construction & The Pursuit of Quality.

  • We hire quality employees.
  • We maintain quality relationships.
  • We ensure quality workmanship in all of our commercial and municipal sewer and water projects.

And with the outstanding safety practices that have earned us our Certificate of Recognition, you can trust the difference quality makes.

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